Created: July 18, 2022

A new version of RedBot was released today, the biggest change is Mission Control: a persistance layer and pluggable control panel for RedBot's bots.

Key features:

<aside> ❗ Mission Control is not enabled by default to ensure maximum retro-compatibility. Run Node-RED with the env variable REDBOT_ENABLE_MISSION_CONTROL (i.e. REDBOT_ENABLE_MISSION_CONTROL=true node-red -u /my-node-red-project)


User Management

User management

User management


When enabled, the bot is persisting bot's user information (fist name, last name, language, chat context, etc) that can be inferred or extracted from the chat platforms. All users can be searched, modified or deleted from Mission Control (i.e. change user's detail or inspecting the current chat context).

Each new user receives a unique userId which can be used to identify the user within the chatbot indipendently from the chat platform (i.e. the same user can access the bot with multiple platforms, there's a 1-to-many relation between userId and chatId).