The Theoretical Minimum Corsi di introduzione alla fisica per neofiti, youtube

Free Time Zone

Felt DIsegna map, belle


Node-RED awesome list Useful links for Node-RED


Anna Search engine for ebooks, everything

Growth hacking List of techniques to grow user base


BitRefill Use BitCoins to refill Amazon gift card and other

ReCharge Paga Amazon con PayPal


Streamline Icons Definitive list of icons

Heroicons From Tailwind

MacOs retro Design MacIntosh old ui

Lucide Fork di feather ma in SVG e open source

Scribbles icons SVG icons like scribbles


Infinite Mac Old Mac OS running in browser


Insanely Useful Websites Random collection of useful sites

Colors palette generator For css development

GitHub badges Frills to add to GitHub readme page

EZGif Animated GIF generator

Markwhen Trasforma testo markdown in project view con le bars per export in pdf

TinyWOW Small tools, in particular pdf utilities

Command Lines Utils Collection of command line scripts for MacOS

Enrolla Clone di launch darkly opend source, local

Chaster Lock site

Watabou Dungeons and Dragons map generator Simple hashmap server

Anytime Mailbox Phsycal mailbox anywhere

Mermaid Chart Editor for MermaidJS


Jellylade Create nice design from screenshot of apps, sites, etc

Color names Complete list of color names


Gladys Home assistant promettente per Raspberry PI

Umbrel Home OS for Raspberry

CloudMQTT Free MQTT server for IoT

Portr Selgìf hosted clone of ngrok

NocoBase CRM low coding tool, like ReTool


Number theory Number theory manual


Dive Tool per analizzare il contenuto di un container Docker e per ridurre le dimensioni

Rollout Rollout plugins for docker compose, zero downtime

Windmill Low coding tool, alternativo to AirFlow, Retool


BlockNote Notion like block editor

Notion Blog Nodejs blog based on Notion


YouTube Ethereum Setup an Ethereum thing with smart contracts, YouTube clone

Interview preparation

Design system questions Common question “how you would design this system?”

Algorithms you should know Patterns to know before taking an interview

Management pills Quotes and take aways about management from some books


SQLite migrations How to migrate SQLite databases

Chrome Extension Starter Blank repo to start for creating a Chrome Extension

HyperUI Free Tailwind CSS templates

MambaUI More Tailwind CSS and templates

SailboatUI More Tailwind CSS and templated

Tremor Tailwind component for dashboards

BrainJS Simple neural network in javascript

DaisyUI Pretty much complete Tailwind CSS components

Tabler Very good dashboard template, open source

Moockaroo Generate mock data with Faker.js

Retool data generator Fake data endpoint generator, using faker.js

Algorithm you should know Before taking a technical interview

Redis Explained Very basic guide for Redis

Colorkit Color generation palette

CTO Awesome List Lista link per CTOs

Modern errors Manage errors in JS in a structured way

Elastic UI Very nice React UI library, lot of tools Designer for scrollbars in CSS

OpenBlocks Open source clone of ReTool

UseHooks Collection of React hooks

React Handbook React handbook, many info in just one place

Kevy Generalized key value storage supports multiple databases

Magic UI NIce animated React components

CMD-K Implement Command K popup list in react

BlockNoteJS Notion-like editor

PDFSlick Nice React PDF viewer

Immer Immutable objects in JS made easy

Zustand Un-opimionated state management for React, forget the boilerplate


Knowledge Base with ChatGPT Implement your own knowledge base with chat gpt

What ChatGPT is doing Best explanation for chatgpt Clone open source of ChatGpt UI


Zx Nodejs scripting made easy, from Google

Clack UI for creating CLI


Execa Task execution library, like ZX from Google

Mock Service Worker Implement mock endpoints with service workers in browser


LongChain Combine large language model, tutorial to run openAI Generate Audio from text

Wolfram Blog Best explanation of chat gpt

FlowWise Low coding tool for AI and LLM